Friday, July 30, 2004

Here is a fresh new word for your vocab .......Street Spam.
This covers all those people who come to your selling stuff like magazine subscriptions. Just yesterday some kid comes up and says he needs to collect "personality points" and I can help him get some by purchasing magazine subscriptions. This really isn't new they have been around for a while the game just getting lamer and lamer . I bought some from a girl a few years ago and I think I got put on the list or something because everyone comes to my house. The worst is those steak truck guys who always say "hey buddy I am at the end of my route and I have some steaks left and I can hook you up with a deal on some meat. This must be part of the training because they all say the exact same thing. I only bought the magazine subscription from the girl a few years back because she just came to the door and said "hey man I am selling magazine subscriptions .I am supposed to hit you with this lame story and be all perky but I really just have to sell some inn order to make any money." When I asked her why she didn't mention the Awesome trip she could win or something she said she didn't really expect to get any trip she was just trying to make some money. I wonder when salespeople will drop the lame gimmicks and just get honest it works much better on me .

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