Saturday, September 04, 2004

Republicans are insane.
They go on about how much safer their president has made the world and yet there are right now more police and soldiers and FBI men and secret service guarding New York than ever. hmmm safer?
They call John Kerry a flip flopper because he would have a position on a subject based on the lies the republicans tell him and then upon finding out the truth he changes position hmmm flip flop?
Then after bashing changes of opinions they have a democrat as their keynote .I guess it is OK to flop if it is in their favor . And Zell Miller is completely insane from the keynote speech he gave you would think John Kerry had raped Zell's mother he hates Kerry ,the candidate of his own party. If your look back a few years he said great things about Kerry, did they have a spat? He also slammed him for wanting to get rid of overpriced military hardware the same hardware that DIck Cheney also wanted to get rid of. Nothing like a little half truth . Then after the speech that he yelled and spit at everyone he got so mad at Chris Matthews ,who when asked him what he was so mad about stated he wasn't mad ,then said he wished they could have a duel. These people are fucking crazy we must get them out of power. go read Ol'Zells speech for yourself as well as everyone else's Link

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