Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I am certain everyone will be thrilled to know that I am blogging from the couch without any wires woo whee of course I am broadcasting my internet connection to the neighborhood still swell.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Yeah I know I just read it I see the keyboard errors but i am too lazy to fix them. Deal.
I know I am always on the christian bashing tip but this is a good one .This sunday we has the "installation" of our pastor at work to "increase the level of spirituality ,that is if by increase you mean disrupt programming ,pay some guy simply by the virtue of his lisence to the religion of one religion by one religion to residents of a state and religious organisation funded facility thusly breaking the law an increase in spirituality. Now dont get me wrong this is a nice guy it just seems amazingly stupid to give someone with so little knowlege of the nature of our residents such free reign .I mean this guy actually says in his fellowship time that we force the residents to attend that all other religions are fake and stupid and if you consider them to be real in any way or even have any good ideas you are bound for hell. Added to this he told a very young resident with severe neurological impairment such as hearing voices and impulse control problem that he has demons inside him. SO at this installation they handed out a program which in itself is an excellent example of the stupidity of christianity and why it is nothing but a tool of ignorance and a detrement to society as a whole. On the first page they have the invocation which tells the audience their parts etc.. Below is a direct transcription along with my comments.

Pastor I was glad when they said unto me,let us go into the house of the lord. Ok everyone was already in the chapel which I suppose is where they were talking about unless house is a metaphor.whatever
Congregation It is good to worship god at all times. That must be the reason for the most obnoxious christians sayin" praise the lord " in response to everything . dont you hate that
Pastor Who is the god we worship. I noticed in the handout that there was no question mark because we all know Pastor john tells us there is only one true god we knoew this because he said so.
Congregation He is our creator,he made the earth,the universe,man and woman.ok they knew the people wouldnt understand the rhetorical question so ther was the annswer so there wouldnt be any misunderstanding.
Pastor What is gods name once again no question mark and i remember that you arent supposed to say his name something like yahweh
Congregation His name is jeses he loved us so much thathe came from heaven to die on a cross so our sins could be forgiven Oh this is the one that got me If i remember correctly and I do jesus was the son of god remeber the whole immaculate connceptionn business with mary you know christmas baby jesus etc etc did that story get updated i knnow the trinity bla bla bla anyway on tho the next line
Pastor What does our future hold if we believe in him ok no comment
Congregation On the judgment he will raise us from our graves, give us new bodies and take us to heaven Ok so I thought all goos saved christians went to heaven when they die now it seems they have to wait around in their graves until judgement day well that sucks when did that change .
Together Lord, thank you for this promise.

Ok so obviously i am bias but are htese people complete idiots now they change their own religion and make it worse they spend their whole lives worshiping this invisible guy who never talks to them or shows any proof of his existence and then upon dath they just rot in a grave in the hopes that they did well enough to get a new body on judgment day aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Then later in the very same document they contradict themselves yet again in the apostles creed here it is

I believe in god,the father almighty ,creator of heaven and earth .I believe in jesus christ,his only son,our lord.he was concieved by the power of the holy spirit and born of the virgin mary. He suffered under pontius pilate,was crucified,died and was buried.He decended into hell.On the third day he rose again.He ascended into heaven and is seated aty the right hand of his father. He will come againto judge the living and the dead. I believe in the holy spirit ,the holy catholic church,the communion of saints,the forgiveness of sins,the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting amen.

Firstly didnt they just say earlier that gods nname was jesus and he came to die for our sins ,now we are back to the old story about mary etc but now when jesus is crucified and dies he goes to hell WHAT to hell ok so nnow jesus ,gods own son is not good enough for heaven or even to wait in the grave he goes straight to hell god is as asss in this version but lucily he rises on the third day and gets to go sit at the side of his father in heaven isnt that nice but later he will judge whether the living and dead get to live forever (inheavenn i assume) but wouldnt the dead already be living forever in heaven hmmmm the they say that they believe in the holy catholic church oh thats a big one as this came from the installation of a LUTHERAN PASTOR remember how martin luther formed the lutheran church because he thought the catholic church was messed up oh i hope the big wig lutherans dont hear about this ,anyway i just thought you would just love to hear about the swell proof i was handed that christians are trukly the stupidst people on earth how did they get so big.