Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Don't you think Zingers raspberry and coconut look like scabs ? Well,I do so that is what they should be called. From here on out these snack items are to be called Scabcakes . Audrey is on board and I suggest you get on too.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Our History with Iraq - Oct. 22, 2002
OOOH we caught Saddam Hussein big deal I remember when he was our buddy it will be interesting to hear all the info he will disclose when he testifies .I wonder how many US companies and government agencies he will expose . We probably were looking so hard for weapons because we gave them to him in the first place. Whatever happened to Osama ,oh I remember he is a Bin Laden and Bush is their pal, too bad they couldn't keep their son from ramminng planes into our buildings and threatening terrorist attacks all the time . As long as we control the oil everything is OK right.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

As I am getting a sore throat and have been moving staff around to cover for the sick ones at work I got to
thinking about socialized medicine and how our country doesn't and then I thought well, yes we do.The law here in the good old USA says that hospitals must treat people in emergency situations so if you are sick just go to the local ER and give them a bunch of fake info and voila free medical care . Now don't get too excited you are not going to get anything but the most basic action and you will probably not get help fur the flu or stuff like that .Or if you don't really have any assets you can give them the real info and just never pay if enough people fail to pay hospitals maybe the government will step in for a bail out I mean they helped the airlines why not the medical industry? just a thought . Or everyone could get off their asses and vote for a president and congress that are not imperialistic assholes and put some people with half a brain .I think we should elect someone who has struggled at some point in their life . Name one president who had at any point in his life or his families life that had to move money around take out a high interest loan or let the car insurance run out to make ends meet HA. I say if you make more than 40,000 a year you are not eligible for political service.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

It seems that if you want someone to really listen you should use a computer, that seems to scare some "professionals".

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Man, there are alot of people in my house it is really loud.WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I am certain everyone will be thrilled to know that I am blogging from the couch without any wires woo whee of course I am broadcasting my internet connection to the neighborhood still swell.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Yeah I know I just read it I see the keyboard errors but i am too lazy to fix them. Deal.
I know I am always on the christian bashing tip but this is a good one .This sunday we has the "installation" of our pastor at work to "increase the level of spirituality ,that is if by increase you mean disrupt programming ,pay some guy simply by the virtue of his lisence to the religion of one religion by one religion to residents of a state and religious organisation funded facility thusly breaking the law an increase in spirituality. Now dont get me wrong this is a nice guy it just seems amazingly stupid to give someone with so little knowlege of the nature of our residents such free reign .I mean this guy actually says in his fellowship time that we force the residents to attend that all other religions are fake and stupid and if you consider them to be real in any way or even have any good ideas you are bound for hell. Added to this he told a very young resident with severe neurological impairment such as hearing voices and impulse control problem that he has demons inside him. SO at this installation they handed out a program which in itself is an excellent example of the stupidity of christianity and why it is nothing but a tool of ignorance and a detrement to society as a whole. On the first page they have the invocation which tells the audience their parts etc.. Below is a direct transcription along with my comments.

Pastor I was glad when they said unto me,let us go into the house of the lord. Ok everyone was already in the chapel which I suppose is where they were talking about unless house is a metaphor.whatever
Congregation It is good to worship god at all times. That must be the reason for the most obnoxious christians sayin" praise the lord " in response to everything . dont you hate that
Pastor Who is the god we worship. I noticed in the handout that there was no question mark because we all know Pastor john tells us there is only one true god we knoew this because he said so.
Congregation He is our creator,he made the earth,the universe,man and woman.ok they knew the people wouldnt understand the rhetorical question so ther was the annswer so there wouldnt be any misunderstanding.
Pastor What is gods name once again no question mark and i remember that you arent supposed to say his name something like yahweh
Congregation His name is jeses he loved us so much thathe came from heaven to die on a cross so our sins could be forgiven Oh this is the one that got me If i remember correctly and I do jesus was the son of god remeber the whole immaculate connceptionn business with mary you know christmas baby jesus etc etc did that story get updated i knnow the trinity bla bla bla anyway on tho the next line
Pastor What does our future hold if we believe in him ok no comment
Congregation On the judgment he will raise us from our graves, give us new bodies and take us to heaven Ok so I thought all goos saved christians went to heaven when they die now it seems they have to wait around in their graves until judgement day well that sucks when did that change .
Together Lord, thank you for this promise.

Ok so obviously i am bias but are htese people complete idiots now they change their own religion and make it worse they spend their whole lives worshiping this invisible guy who never talks to them or shows any proof of his existence and then upon dath they just rot in a grave in the hopes that they did well enough to get a new body on judgment day aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Then later in the very same document they contradict themselves yet again in the apostles creed here it is

I believe in god,the father almighty ,creator of heaven and earth .I believe in jesus christ,his only son,our lord.he was concieved by the power of the holy spirit and born of the virgin mary. He suffered under pontius pilate,was crucified,died and was buried.He decended into hell.On the third day he rose again.He ascended into heaven and is seated aty the right hand of his father. He will come againto judge the living and the dead. I believe in the holy spirit ,the holy catholic church,the communion of saints,the forgiveness of sins,the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting amen.

Firstly didnt they just say earlier that gods nname was jesus and he came to die for our sins ,now we are back to the old story about mary etc but now when jesus is crucified and dies he goes to hell WHAT to hell ok so nnow jesus ,gods own son is not good enough for heaven or even to wait in the grave he goes straight to hell god is as asss in this version but lucily he rises on the third day and gets to go sit at the side of his father in heaven isnt that nice but later he will judge whether the living and dead get to live forever (inheavenn i assume) but wouldnt the dead already be living forever in heaven hmmmm the they say that they believe in the holy catholic church oh thats a big one as this came from the installation of a LUTHERAN PASTOR remember how martin luther formed the lutheran church because he thought the catholic church was messed up oh i hope the big wig lutherans dont hear about this ,anyway i just thought you would just love to hear about the swell proof i was handed that christians are trukly the stupidst people on earth how did they get so big.

Friday, August 29, 2003

Yes I know I havent written anything for quite some time .It would seem that the people in athority at work are completely insane and the recreation department is pretty much being dissolved .So much for art therapy, intramural sports, ceramics , music and everything else I have put in a transfer to a supervisory position and hopefully it will give a simmilar amount of freedom so I can continue some sort of art program.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Yeah the place i work is sooooooooooooooo fucked up i cant even believe it

Saturday, July 05, 2003

I found a beach ball in the road today.
Audrey has the croup which is an upper respitory inflamation caused by a virus ,doctors say things are viral when they cannot figure out why things happen ,pretty much every time she has been sick they blame it on some unknown virus . Anyway her airway is swollen making her sound alot like froggy from the little rascals and be pretty much miserable most of the time boooooo. I slept on her floor the first night as I was just sure she was going to stop breathing at any second . it is now the third day and seems to be a bit better still sucks though .

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Friday, June 13, 2003

Ok Just so you know i am writing this in an airplane .Remember that guy I talked about that carried around a bible called extreme word, well, his born again ass just got arrested for armed robbery nnothing like a good christian if there is such a thing .

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Is it just me or do the first two rocky movies get you all choked up.
In a way I have more respect for people who have the balls to say they hate your life rather than act like they love everyone but are determined to make everyone be just like them .

Friday, May 30, 2003

This guy I know carries around a bible version called " extreme word " oh brother .
Scrubbing a swimming pool for a few hours with a brush in the end of a long pole woks out some odd muscle groups .

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Oh my god this bitch must be crazy,the one across the street parked in front of my house oh oh its lucky I am nice because I really want to set it on fire . I mean once a friend of mine parked in front of her house for two days and she leaves me a note ( I was home all day that day( coward she is) about hoe I am sure I appreciate my parking spaces and so does she what the fuck ever so I left a note on her car asking her if she has lost her mind . hmmmmm I wonder if I can download a copy of the anarchists cookbook hahaha.
Ok this one is better i am graffing it up as much as possible with my limited skill i just go mess with the code and see what happens wheeeeee.

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Yeah I dont like the template I am using but the server is all messed up so I have to just be frustrated Plus w.bloggar isnt able to connect right now BOOOOOOOO
Ok lets for a moment talk about something that no one seems to get upset about but me . This is memorial day weekend as such many law enforcement agencies find it a good time to hassle the public via seat belt checks cleverly marketed as" clickit or ticket " .Ok I agree that seat belts are a good idea and all but being that we live in what is called a free country I feel that if I want to choose to be an idiot and not wear a seat belt that is my business and not the job of the government to make sure I keep my self safe . The worst part is that our government really could care less about my safety what they really care about is keeping the insurance lobby and the industry it supports happy and what keeps them happy is not paying out any claims and keeping all the money we are forced to give them by the same government that made the seat belt and other annoying laws .Do you see a trend here? I find that any law that generally most laws that infringe on our rights or make not so much sense can be traced back via the money trail to the insurance industry. I will illustrate, first you have to carry insurance in order to drive a car ,even if you are extremely wealthy or have enough money to equal the amount of insurance you carry held in an account solely for that purpose you still have to carry insurance to get a liscence for your car . Second the most annoying laws are the ones that keep you from supposedly hurting yourself like seat belts ,helmets etc. .If I fly out the front window of my car of slam into the steering wheel I really am not hurting anyone but myself am I not permitted in this "free" country to be an idiot no ,why, because I might cost the insurance industry some of the money I pay them .The thing other than my freedom ,hurt by me bashing my head into the pavement as I crash my motorcycle is the insurance company that covers my health insurance. Why do you suppose the government cares about the insurance industries bank account, well that is where all the extra lobbyist money that goes right into their campaign fund or in their pockets for the more shady politician . So really our rights are determined not by a majority of the people but by a few wealthy groups who want nothing but to become wealthier. Keep in mind I cant really prove any of this its just what I think.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I found this at Heavy Duty Cycles I thought it was cool so
I republished it ,wthout permission of course.


Ahh. The dreaded Sportster Knee. The Milwaukee Crippler is worn like a
badge of courage by some. Many are unfortunate, or fortunate as the case
may be, to have experienced this excruciating time honored ritualistic
Harley rite of passage into manhood. Only in Harleydom can a disfiguring
scar become a thing of beauty and tenure. Tenure is automatically earned
by a bonebreaking or scarring roadrash accident. It is the fast track out
of being
designated a new rider. Graduation is also earned through the debilitating
injury known affectionately as Sportster Knee. You can earn the
fascinated, admiring glances of the nouveau by grimacing your face in pain
each time a step is taken on your bad "kicker" leg as the knee slips in
and out of it’s damaged mating joint. Sometimes the afflicted veteran will
have to proudly walk with the kicker foot splayed out to the side as the
knee locks past the normal 90-degree angle. You’ve all seen these people.
The advent of the electric start and the resultant demise of the kicker
have largely wiped out this affliction. This e-start antibiotic that cured
Sportster Knee is looked down upon by these grizzled old guys with their
gray beards. They came from an era were men were men and women rode on the

The Callused Thumb

To have a right thumb callused from pushing an electric start is the tell
tale mark of a lower social class. By the way; please don’t get mad at my
politically incorrect comments. I’m only having fun describing "the way it
was." You see these guys at any Harley event. They hobble with
abandonment, having adapted to their mild disabling long ago. Most have
graduated to a more comfortable bike with an electric start since their
puberty rites into manhood are well established. They have earned the
right?something that money cannot buy. Others are supremely proud and keep
kicking their beloved Sportsters?..with the other leg?.for they have
learned how to avoid a doubling disablement. You see them standing beside
their bike facing to the front. Holding the handlebars, they search for
the compression stroke gently pushing down with their left leg as the
steady themselves on their "bad" right leg. When the gentle pushes that
indicate the intake or exhaust strokes are suddenly and firmly rebuffed by
the advent of the compression stroke, it is time to propel the body up.
Still grasping the handlebars, the veteran kicker, uses the resisting kick
pedal to help the upward motion of the rest of his body. This is necessary
to get all of the weight of the rider above the kicker to use both
bodyweight and muscle to propel the kicker around and down forcefully and
masterfully. For the kicking leg must be the boss?.showing fear through
hesitation will only result in the kick gears nefariously slipping.
Lacking determination to finish this job properly, once started, will
indicate weakness to the kick gears. They will delightfully use left over
compression to snap back, with disastrous results, for he who showed fear.

The XL Kicker: A Primitive Lifeform

Now, the reader begins to understand. These supposedly inanimate gears are
really a primitive lifeform that can sense fear, indecision or hesitation.
They react instinctively to cripple their prey. Furthermore; they need to
be taken care of and treated with respect or they get very cranky. Yes,
indeed. Take them for granted and they will lie in wait for the
opportunity to slip suddenly which will extend your leg past 90 degrees at
and against the knee joint. Or, they might suddenly kick back with the
help of their old pal "Compression." This folds your knee, albeit in the
right direction but so fast that it strains the tendons and ligaments.
Tired or cocky? Well, that’s when the gears turn the show over to
Compression to strut his stuff. The contest begins as Compression tries to
throw the hapless rider over the handlebars. How far is the only question.
This is the equivalent to Harleydom’s game of shotput. Let the gear teeth
round from inattention or not replace that kick start bushing as she wears
beyond tolerance, or heaven forbid, allow the kick start cam plate to get
unsightly gouges and the Sportster rider is about to be taught a painful
lesson. For those in the know; whenever a Sporty rider goes to kick over
the Beast, it is time to readjust the chair and take a sip of beer. The
contest is about to begin. Will the rider get admiring glances from
onlookers as he gently seeks the compression stroke? Not until he launches
himself up over the kicker, follows through with determination and
authority, hears the engine begin to cough, quickly blips the throttle to
change the cough into a roar of appreciation as the Beast rumbles to life.
Ahhhh! There’s nothing sweeter. Or! Does the sly Fox slip, sending the
wounded rider to the ground writhing in agony as pity etches the faces of
the onlookers. Orrrr! Does the predatory beast send the rider over the
handlebars to display its strength over a mere mortal much to the
merriment and derision of the crowd. No matter which of the three
scenarios occur, it is of great interest to the Harley crowd. This is
entertainment, Harley style, living or dying on the moment.The Big Twin
had a more engaging kickstart, so to speak. It was tame. It might slip
when badly worn or kick back occasionally in a lackadaisical way. Maybe
the Sportster has a small man complex, out to prove his virility at every
opportunity. "Come on, ya mother! Think ya can fool with me. I’ll show
ya!" And show you it does!

The Cause: Cranky Gears

The Sportster kicker was available on all Flathead K’s from 1952 to 1966
and the Overhead valve models, the XLCH, from 1957 to 1979. In 1980 the
XLH designating electric start officially ended the era of Sportster Knee.
Unofficially it continues unabated as there are tens of thousands of
kickers still out there. As I’ve stated elsewhere, the Big Twin is not so
much an issue because it’s gears mesh more effectively. There are also
more teeth to mesh. Furthermore, when the kickstart bushing wears, the Big
Twin will whine incessantly until it is fixed while the Sportster quietly
awaits prey.
So what’s the proper way to kick a Harley, especially the Sportster, to
avoid the crippler?
I’ve started my Panhead with my arm. It’s something I had to learn after
watching a guy do it around 1968. It was the most impressive, cool thing I
think I ever saw at that time of my life when testosterone ruled
everything. Put quite simply, the Sportster kickstart is a Mickey Mouse
setup. If it were available today in the same form, the lawsuits would be
staggering. The modern rider would not put up with this Factory installed
disabling device. I can still do it on a bet but it is something better
left to another era that was very much different from today. But, now, on
with the technique. First, seek the compression stroke. Launching the kick
depends on your weight, technique and confidence level. The height of the
bike is important to me. If not too high, I stand on the ground with my
left leg to the back while I kick over the bike with my right. If this is
awkward, I’ll hop up onto the kicker and use all my weight, letting my
left leg act as a balancer as I plunge through the half circle. Others
feel comfortable, kneeling on the seat with their right knee and kicking
down with their left. And, of course, those with injured right legs or
knees kick down with their left using the right to balance in the air. The
key is to follow all the way through. The kicker doesn’t stop on its
internal pin until past the 90 degree mark. This is the mistake most make.
They stop when the kicker is perpendicular to the ground or worse before.
Follow through past this point about another 10 or 15 degrees towards the
front of the bike. Do this and there will be no compression to snap your
knee back or throw you over the bars. Beware, as the Predator waits for
those who ignore this advice. If the gears slip, do the same. Follow all
the way down and through until your leg is extended out and locked and you
will be fine. Of course when this happens, it is time to do the necessary
repairs to thwart the Beast from injuring your knee.
So there, you have it.
The ins and outs of the dreaded Sportster Knee?.from a time gone by.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Did I mention I hate the Bitch across the street ,no really I wish she would get a long lasting and extremely painful disease .It seems she is the one who constantly calls all sort of ignorant government sheep so toe enlist them to hassle me about everything from a car parked (behind my house out of her sight ) for a week with a wheel off ,to too many sticks in a pile in my yard. I hate her knowing that hate is a strong word .May the cat trapping phone calling bitch die of bone cancer .

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Ok so heres one for you my neighbors are sellinng their house and having an open house so they would like it if i cut my grass ,which i want to do the problem is that my mower is dead and i drive a mini so getting a new one is more hassle then it should be i have to get a truck etc plus i have a baby which canot help mow anyway it would seem to me that if it is so important then i would think he would, in one of the converstions during the last week about my lack of mower ,offered the use of his mower but he has not this is what i would do .i offered to pay one of their kids to mow the front yard but apparently since they just got their mower last year and consider it tot be "brand new " he doesnt wnt to let anyone use it what the fuck ever why is is that people want you to help them out all the time but never seem to want to make the smallest effort to help you help them . People always want to tell you what to do to live the way they want you to but when you agree they never want to help you on the way never once has my neighbor offered to help me in any way so fuck him and his grass there are i am suprised he hasnt asked me to pick up sticks in the yard too what ever i really dont care anymore.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Ok so there really isnt going to be much of interest on this blog for a while i am using it to learn stuff as you will see it will be messed up for a while while i mess with the template and learn to use wbloggar etc you can blame for that. If you are looking for everyday rambling and rants go to my live journal
what the
Ok so here goes a new blog