Sunday, April 25, 2004

I was shopping at one of the trendy mall shops today and noticed something that made me think...What the hell is going on with the long bangs on the metrosexual guys selling and shopping for clothing?! Anyone anyone is 1960s Mick Jagger DNA in the water or what.

Friday, April 23, 2004

So some woman wrote a response to my Letter I will post it tomorrow I am too lazy right now. As I write this there are some sort of civil defense or weathher sirens going off .I donnt know what they mean so I cannot see how they are very effective at anything but waking up people for no apparent reason.
Here is a copy of my recent letter to the editor in the local paper I am waiting for the church bus to show up to save me or stone me I am not certain which.

It seems it may be time to change the name of the editorial page in this paper to "Christian Viewpoints", nearly every day there is as least one letter or story printed professing views that take Christian opinion and biblical text as fact . The majority of the worlds population does not believe the stories in the Bible to be historical fact nor a code to live by . If the people of the world would make their decisions simply based compassion for other living beings rather than a selfish hope for reward at the end of this life because a book told them to we would surely live in a better world. If Jesus were alive today I am certain he would agree.

I will be sure to post respose letters as they come in.

Friday, April 02, 2004

I was looking at Yesterland ,a website about Disneyland (I have never been myself my family was more into zoos and museums and free things) and it seems that Disney has lost its way in the 50s and 60s there were all sort of cool attractions about space, pirates, cowboys and all sort of other stuff. Now it seems it is all about here are some rides that relate to movies and lame videos we made and the merchandise you should buy to go along with it.