Saturday, April 26, 2003

Ok so heres one for you my neighbors are sellinng their house and having an open house so they would like it if i cut my grass ,which i want to do the problem is that my mower is dead and i drive a mini so getting a new one is more hassle then it should be i have to get a truck etc plus i have a baby which canot help mow anyway it would seem to me that if it is so important then i would think he would, in one of the converstions during the last week about my lack of mower ,offered the use of his mower but he has not this is what i would do .i offered to pay one of their kids to mow the front yard but apparently since they just got their mower last year and consider it tot be "brand new " he doesnt wnt to let anyone use it what the fuck ever why is is that people want you to help them out all the time but never seem to want to make the smallest effort to help you help them . People always want to tell you what to do to live the way they want you to but when you agree they never want to help you on the way never once has my neighbor offered to help me in any way so fuck him and his grass there are i am suprised he hasnt asked me to pick up sticks in the yard too what ever i really dont care anymore.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Ok so there really isnt going to be much of interest on this blog for a while i am using it to learn stuff as you will see it will be messed up for a while while i mess with the template and learn to use wbloggar etc you can blame for that. If you are looking for everyday rambling and rants go to my live journal
what the
Ok so here goes a new blog