Monday, May 31, 2004

If you have the Law and Order addiction look at this.

"Law & Order: Artistic Intent"
Last response to iraq comments . Argue amongst yourselves

The things our soldiers did were far less severe than most of the things done by others in the past however as I have said before others participating in abuse and or torture are not spouting a holier than thou ethic that we as americans do.
Would you want to trade places with those prisoners or see one of your loves ones in their place. I am all for defending freedom. I am all for bringing terrorists to justice but do you think saddam is naked standing on a box I doubt it. Not so long ago he was our buddy when we needed him to fight for us against Iran .You never see the real evil people suffering just the people who follow their orders. What ever happened to Ossama Bin Laden? It seems that people seem to be confused, Iraq did not attack the US ,Al Queda did we just dont know how to get back at a terrorist group.

In response to what do I do . I dont anonymously post on weblogs I stand behind what I say . I also work for much less than deserved in non profit arena for more than 10 years with youth who are victims of the worst of society in an attempt to show the most at risk of doing damage to society or being a drain on us by spending life in prison .I am also an active supporter and member of the ACLU and EFFas well as others. Talking to people is the core of change if everyone spent more time openly talking to each other maybe we wouldn't be at the point we are now.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Great flash animations of Ukioye prints.

Torture is wrong with regards to anyone terrorists,soldiers,civilians,rats,mice,monkeys whatever. There really is no excuse. When we teach little children to stomp on ants for no reason other than they are ants is an example of the core problem with people . We have a disregard for life as part of out nature. When we confront this openly and stop this mindset we will be on a path to a better world overall.
It is absolutely a fact that Saddam Hussein is evil and Iraq and the rest of the world is better off now that he is no longer in power. The same can be said about GW however. The thing most people fail to see is that the key to our government getting away with so many things both at home and abroad is subtlety .We are just better at hiding our dirty secrets. There is no doubt that Iraq was and is a problem it just seems that the current administration is obsessed with just Iraq . Saddam and his regime said over and over we have no weapons of mass destruction yet we went and attacked anyway .North Korea said we are making weapons of mass destruction (nuclear and fuck you try and stop us and what do we do ,look for a diplomatic solution .What the fuck is that now GW wants to work on getting a nuclear arms program up and running again .If GW had said to the people , Saddam Hussein is evil and I want to go finish what my father started and I want their oil for us and I am going to go attack them I think the people would have appreciated the honesty. I think everyone agrees that Iraq needed to be addressed but using another terrorist attack as a springboard was wrong.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

In response to comments on the last post:
Admittedly other countries do much worse things than what we have been caught doing and I have no sympathy for terrorists however, they are terrorists, and admit to doing horrible things we as a country go around the world espousing that we are better than that .Then there is the fact that some of the prisoners were not terrorists but journalists. The sooner we americans get over ourselves the better we will be.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

How can the US ever expect the world to see us as liberating a people from tyrannical rule when the things we do are equal to if not worse than those done by the tyrant. - World News

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Oh here is a good one I just now saw Pat Robertson hocking the 700 club on TV and he said he will give you a book (when you join with your monetary contribution) that shows you how to be blessed so that god can lead you out of financial difficulty . He says by being obedient to the lord he will bring you monetary success and get you out of debt. This has to be a new low . SEND THE LORD SOME CASH AND HE WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY TO PROSPERITY. Just send check or money order to the 700 club and good ol Pat will put in a good word for you with the almighty. Did I mention that I think bringing back the colosseum and the lions might not be a bad idea at least for the loud obnoxious christians . Go see for yourself ther is even a video clip of Pat . These people really may be the worst.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I swear if those pseudo intellectual designers on TLC say "repurpose" when they paint a fucking chair a different colour or something like that I am going to jump into the TV and kill someone.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

If there were any people in the middle east who still liked us I am sure they have changed their minds .The scariest thing is that this evidence is most certainly nothing compared to the sort of things our government does that no one will ever find out about. I do not know why anyone is surprised being that technically the entire war is illegal in the eyes of the world community. Why would anyone think we would care about the rules now.Let someone torture one of our people and see what happens. Have a look at some of our people's disregard for human life and dignity.
Photos of Iraqis Being Abused by US Personnel

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I was driving past our city building and heard a prayer being said from its taxpayer paid for steps using taxpayer paid for electricity to power a taxpayer paid for microphone for the benefit of some people prostrating themselves to some deity ( the christian one it is the midwest after all).So I call the city and find out it is a celebration of national prayer day. Here is the letter to the editor I wrote rather than start up a resistance movement .

While driving past the city building today I saw a large group of people kneeling on the ground in front. Being naturally curious I circled around .As passed I heard someone from a podium saying a prayer. I was unfortunately not surprised to find, considering our governments blatant disregard for the constitution, that it was a celebration of national prayer day. It is absolutely unacceptable that our city government sponsors any religious activity. This is just the sort of behavior that leads to the condoning of the right wing imperialistic activities going on in our national government. A breakdown in the separation of church and state hurts everyone involved both the state (the people) and the church. The majority of people certainly do not want a religious group having control over their lives and the church absolutely doesn't want the government having an influence on their way. If we as a people allow this sort of thing to go on at the grass root level in our home towns how can we complain about the condition of our nation as a whole?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

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I often get a stupid song stuck in my head almost always a wonderfully awful hit like Eddie Murphy's Party all the time but today it seems to be Stacy Q's Two of hearts .I want you to think of the chorus and share my pain .Maybe we could all whistle a bit of it when you walk past a stranger spread it around.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Here is an interesting and scary story a friend of mine told me the other day .He worked for the polls during the last presidential election as the guy who goes to the polls and transports the ballots back to the headquarters where they count the votes.He and another guy would go around to the various schools etc. and collect a few ballot containers at a time to save on trips back and forth. Well as he was driving three or four ballot containers equaling thousands of votes he was listening to the radio . The radio station announces the election results for ohio. Not only have all the votes not been counted they are in the back of his truck and they haven't even picked them all up yet. Scary