Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Who am I Tipper.......Fuck

Man so I work at this Residential Home for Kids who did bad things and or had bead things done to them SO..... I am in the unpleasant spot of censoring music ,spending time deciding what is appropriate etc . Fortunately for me it is easy because most of the kids that live there seem to want to listen to the horrible talent free R&B and Rap that is popular now (danger curmudgen alert) Man I like rap hip hop etc but isnt it a disgrace to even call this shit music ,even the musical stuff that somehow gets labeled R&B apparently if a black person sings it it is R&B but it is really foul to class this vile crat along side classic R&B. And, rap/hip hop had really gone in the toilet I mean repeating one broken sentence or phrase over and over on top of a beat is not rapping nor is it hip hop it is shit. The best part is near all of it is talking about how pimp and awesome these guys are and how they are the shit when there is no indication that they ever did anything but get lucky enough to make a record . These guys truly suck . So, in regards to the censoring all they "rap" or sing about is how they are gonna give it to some bitch or how many bitches that have or of course the dope they slanging or how they do it crunk style or allusions to the gang they are affiliated with (real or imagined) . So these guys I work with in some cases were rapists vicims of rape,crack babies etc so thinking this shit is cool is just not helpful at all. and I seem to be the one who gets to tell them this and explain it over and over and that sucks. OF course my reward for this is being labeled a racist . Well, if anyone else especially a black person had the balls to point this shit out in public thenmaybe that would stop. Shit if they start listening to something really hardcore I will hit them for that. Once I did have to tell a staff not to rock Slayer (Who is one of my favorite metal bands by the way) so that was nice. Maybe if people would stop giving their music dollar to a bunch of barely literate asses that do nothing but popularize all that is bad with the black community and give some to some intelligent hip hop artists the general public would have a better view . We need the Native Tongue Family back. Plus maybe it would make my job easier too and that is really all I want...

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