Monday, August 07, 2006

Ultra Conservatives Idea of Dangerous Knowledge

First, this site is hilariously sad. These people are completely insane. Here is their list of what they consider the most harmful books of the 20th century, because as we all know knowledge is dangerous. Wait but School House Rock said "Knowledge is Power". Who do you trust I would go with the cartoons. It looks like if you subscribe to their magazine you even get a free Ann Coulter book. OOOH that is too good the site listing 10 most dangerous books will give you a free Ann Coulter book. Man that is rich. The last book on the list talks according to Human Events is about how the liberal who wrote it (in 1936 no less) advocates running up debt and ,borrowing and spending to stimulate the economy. Wait,Wait doesn't that sound familiar ......Who was it that did that....Recently hmmmm....... These people are moronic.

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