Tuesday, April 25, 2006

David Blaine is F%*#*ing Magic

Ok I am a skeptic I need the scientific method or at least some kind of tangible proof or at least some kind of evidence to believe anything .That said , David Blaine is fucking magic! For real and I only saw him on TV. He fricking Levitates , He has some random person do the pick a card thing and then shuffle the deck and then he throws the deck at a restaurant window and then the card is stuck to the inside of the window facing out. Explain that well can you I didn't think so . Then the just telling people what card they are thinking of and then the have person think of someone and then write their name on a piece of paper then set the paper on fire and rub the ashes on his arm and then their name is on his arm in ashes what is that ,I will tell you ....Magic.

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