Sunday, April 30, 2006

Was there a whiff of blood in the books?

This weekend I attended our local library's book sale . It is an annual event concluding with "Bag Day". On this day shoppers can get all the books, records, CDs etc they can cram into a relatively large bag for 2 dollars . Sounded like a great idea to me . Well, I arrived a little before 10 thinking I was a little late and to my surprise I was met by quite line of people waiting to get in as it didn't start until 10. Man these people were really hungry for literature, or was it just the thought of a bargain. Well. It was definitely the latter .It was like a bunch of starved sharks attacking a school of book shaped fish. I was really only interested in digging for some records so I was away from most of the fray. These people were shoving each other to pack their bags full of books that they didn't even know the titles of , they were just jamming them in the bags. The romance area was especially volatile anyone unlucky enough to be crouching to look at the history books in the next aisle was sure to be trampled. I overheard a lady telling her 6 or 7 year old son to push his way past someone or he wasn't going to get anything. Another lady told the woman he was trying to be polite. To this she responded "well he isn't going to get anything that way" . I walked over to see if there was anything interesting in the science area and was jostled quite rudely by a woman with two bags crammed full of random fiction one on her way to the kids section. The thing is there wasn't even anything really interesting on the first day much less on "Bag Day" it was really just a sad sight. I wonder what sort of frenzy you could whip up if the things on sale were really even worth having. I mean these are the books no one even wanted to read in the first place.

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