Monday, May 31, 2004

Last response to iraq comments . Argue amongst yourselves

The things our soldiers did were far less severe than most of the things done by others in the past however as I have said before others participating in abuse and or torture are not spouting a holier than thou ethic that we as americans do.
Would you want to trade places with those prisoners or see one of your loves ones in their place. I am all for defending freedom. I am all for bringing terrorists to justice but do you think saddam is naked standing on a box I doubt it. Not so long ago he was our buddy when we needed him to fight for us against Iran .You never see the real evil people suffering just the people who follow their orders. What ever happened to Ossama Bin Laden? It seems that people seem to be confused, Iraq did not attack the US ,Al Queda did we just dont know how to get back at a terrorist group.

In response to what do I do . I dont anonymously post on weblogs I stand behind what I say . I also work for much less than deserved in non profit arena for more than 10 years with youth who are victims of the worst of society in an attempt to show the most at risk of doing damage to society or being a drain on us by spending life in prison .I am also an active supporter and member of the ACLU and EFFas well as others. Talking to people is the core of change if everyone spent more time openly talking to each other maybe we wouldn't be at the point we are now.

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