Sunday, May 30, 2004

It is absolutely a fact that Saddam Hussein is evil and Iraq and the rest of the world is better off now that he is no longer in power. The same can be said about GW however. The thing most people fail to see is that the key to our government getting away with so many things both at home and abroad is subtlety .We are just better at hiding our dirty secrets. There is no doubt that Iraq was and is a problem it just seems that the current administration is obsessed with just Iraq . Saddam and his regime said over and over we have no weapons of mass destruction yet we went and attacked anyway .North Korea said we are making weapons of mass destruction (nuclear and fuck you try and stop us and what do we do ,look for a diplomatic solution .What the fuck is that now GW wants to work on getting a nuclear arms program up and running again .If GW had said to the people , Saddam Hussein is evil and I want to go finish what my father started and I want their oil for us and I am going to go attack them I think the people would have appreciated the honesty. I think everyone agrees that Iraq needed to be addressed but using another terrorist attack as a springboard was wrong.

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