Friday, March 12, 2004

So I am at the office Max and I am getting some CDRs when this aspiring rapper or whatever and his sidekick are loudly looking for some music cdrs making certain everyone knew what they were shopping for .Being the swell and friendly guy I am I feel the need to help these guys out and give them the wisdom that they are getting ripped off if they buy "Music Cdrs" as there really isn't any difference inn them and good quality regular media .So rather than thank me and but what they want anyway or actually try the regular kind they have to argue their point of view that there is a difference and they know . Maybe they thought I was from the mess up rap music secret society who tricks rappers into buying inferior media by praying on the budget concsious mind of the struggling artist . It made me think why would I want to help some random idiot out in the first place. Or perhaps I was using this innocent bystander in my subconscious war against big business. Maybe I wanted to make them look stupid for being loud and stupid.Oh well who cares anyway.

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