Monday, March 08, 2004

It certainly hhas been a while since a post oh well . Went to Detroit to visit family and deliver the ford Fiesta I sold to Karens uncle. The plan was for me to drive it up .I put a fresh battery in it the night before, I was a little concerned as it had never ran quite right . Thr orange beast had never wanted to rev past 3000 rpm severely restricting acceleration .I took off the air cleaner as an afterthought and zoooooooom the car was like a mini rocket it spun the tires in second. I began to think i should keep it . We got all ready for adventure two way radios and all headed out got about 40 miles and the car said It just sputtered and quit I figured it must be the fuel pump and with a two year old and increasingly more irritated wife we just went to the only truck place and plunked down 3 bills for a big truck and a car trailer to take the thing on up .Of course the car fired right up and i drove it onto the trailer . the drive went fine from there on and the new owner was excited about the non running car (he later bought a $21 ignition module annd all is well) .Audrey had bug 2 year old fun giving Grandma Froody a hard time and tested out her skills at getting what she wants at any cost be it whining crying or looking cute they all work in their own way. I now have only one car and can begin the garage area clean up . It is amazing how much trach and junk a person will pile up behind a fence.After I write this stuff I wonder why anyone would read it,nnot that i care either way.

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