Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Apparently, the establishment clause doesn't apply to High School Marching Band

 It appears that Winchester High School in Indiana, which has a (really talented) marching band in competition with the band my child is a member of, either doesn't understand one of the most fundamental aspects of our country's governance and constitution or it just doesn't care. What I am talking about is church/state separation and the promotion of religion in public schools. I know, it seems really simple, the school cannot promote or endorse any religion. Students that attend a school are free to pray, have religious clubs, wear crosses etc the school, being a publicly funded entity simply cannot endorse or promote any religion.

Where am I going with this? Well, upon attending the very first marching band competition This is the very first performance:

I am not sure this even needs commentary but...

Really?!  I mean Really ?! This is outrageous. It isn't like a band was doing a number from Jesus Christ Superstar or a historically significant piece of liturgical music. This is like something from a tent revival. I don't even have words for how ridiculous this is. Is the band director so blinded by christian privilege that he/she didn't even think about it? Or, are they deliberately trying to push an agenda or prove some sort of point?

Can you imagine if the first line were allahu akbar!

It baffles me that over and over again, public school teachers and administrators do, or allow, these things to happen. Anyone who cannot understand or refuses to follow these simplest of laws regarding separation of church and state, especially in a public school setting where the emotional and social grown of children is at its most venerable, have no business working in education.

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