Friday, May 28, 2010

More Religious Based Stupidity

As of Late I have heard many female friends from primarily Islamic countries tell me that they had to get rid of clothing and personal items before they return home from the US (Graduating College Students)lest they be in trouble. The thing that gets me is that these are really intelligent strong women yet they don't seem to be very upset that the culture (religion) that is most prominent in their homelands is so amazingly stupid and oppressive. Take this story from an Islamic district in Indonesia. In this district a woman can be arrested for wearing jeans. They are of course arrested by the Islamic police. While I find most religion generally ridiculous and at times evil, as of late it is hard not to put Islam at the top of the list. The idea that women should completely cover themselves so that men wont be tempted by them is not only oppressively offensive to the women but also just disrespectful to men are Muslim men really so weak that they cannot possibly control their sexual desires at the sight of a bit of skin or even a covered leg for that matter. Asinine.

Of course this is actually a really trivial example of Islam's oppression and cruelty towards women in comparison to the violence inflicted upon Muslim women on a daily basis.

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