Monday, April 26, 2010

Do -It Yourself Government

Ok so I will attempt to explain how it works.

“We The People” find someone who we believe represents our views . We elect that person and send them to a big room where people from other areas (this happens at a local , state and federal level) get together and try to best figure out how we can all work together to make a happy home (city,county,state,country). This group of people are tasked to make laws everyone can agree on and decide how to spend the money we all throw in a big pot to take care of the country state etc. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? Well it isn’t .Why? because many of the people for the most part are lazy and or stupid. Most people refuse to take the time to get involved or put in some work . How many people actually read legislation or attend open meetings be it city council or congress. Un fortunately we have media to feed the info to the lazy who will just believe what they hear either because they are easily scares or just too lazy to see if the facts check out. It used to be that news organizations had some journalistic integrity and what as reported was simply the facts, this is rather rare these days. Now we get constant fear mongering , spin, distorted info and downright lies. Really all one has to do is spend a little time reading and researching to find the truth. The hard part is that the truth and the facts aren’t usually found coming from the easiest accessed loudest most obnoxious source. Stop listening to the morons with the big signs waving the flag, they really don’t know what they are talking about. Most legislation is available for public viewing (the entire health care bill was available online). The main thing everyone needs to do if we want good government is to get involved. Corporations and special interest groups with big money should not run things people should, but only if they are well informed and literate.
Stop letting the idiots on TV especially those who are lying (FOX News) and the moronic fringe that make a lot of noise(Tea Party Types) drive the conversation. I hear a lot of talk about how a large percentage of people distrust the government , well you know whose fault that is it is? Your own. You hired them. There is nothing worse than some asinine loudmouth spouting off about how bad the government who didn’t vote or pay attention until someone on TV or Radio told them that they were wronged or that they should be afraid of something.
About Taxation, socialism and communism. Don’t use any of these words until you know what they mean. I hear a a lot of bitching about taxes, well taxes are how we get to have a country. Taxes pay for the infrastructure that our entire society is built on. We all pitch in (taxes) so that we can have the basic things we all need to survive. Roads , utility lines (Yes government subsidies make it so the electric company can afford to send that electricity everywhere) Police, Fire departments , agencies to oversee corporations to make sure they don’t rip you off (yes history proves that if we as a collective group don’t hire someone to regulate many corporations they will have their way with us. Competition works some of the time but corruption greed and bullying often run away if not kept in check). Stop crying socialism. Were it not for a sprinkle of socialism (which by the way is just a philosophy that expects everyone to help everyone out for the good of the whole. Doesn’t always work for the same reasons every other philosophy doesn’t always work.) we would not have a very functional society. Those who yell so loudly that they don’t want to share the burden by paying taxes or say that they are afraid of socialism should go ahead and stop paying but along with that, try to forget the education they got (or were at least offered) , stop driving on the public roads and interstate highway system, stop eating any food or taking any medicine made safe by the FDA and don’t drink any more of that clean water either. I could go on but then again this is probably already too long for any of those folks to read anyway.
Really it is pretty simple, educate yourself, send the right people to represent you and then if they don’t do what they promised fire them and get someone else. This way those tax dollars will go where you want them to.
Remember however that the most important part of this equation is the people and the people must educate themselves . This education should not be one gathered from lying drug addict millionaires on the radio or fake crying liars on TV. Read the real documents yourself. Watch the unedited speeches yourself. Pay attention when what those you elected say different things to different people.

Make government a do-it yourself project


  1. Jason, you are funny. You forget about the people in the middle. I don't agree with a lot (okay most ;o)of what you believe, but not everyone who disagrees with you is an un-educated liar who gets all of their info from Glenn Beck. I vote every election day & also go to DC every year and meet with my senators & congressman and talk to them about issues dear to my heart. I think that annual trip across the country is a bit more than most. I did read the health care bill for about 6 hours. I didn't understand a lot of what I read but there was also plenty in there that I did understand that I do not agree with.
    What I do not like is when government becomes more & more in control of things that were at one time my choice. I think that is the bigger least for me.
    Friend still? :o) Have a good one!

  2. Hey Stephanie, maybe you should go read it again. I don't know who the people in the middle you are talking about are. Whether someone thinks how I do ideologically or not I think everyone should take ownership in our government and country. I think it is great that you are involved that is awesome. The problem I have is when people such as the Tea Party folks get all worked up when they really have no idea what they are talking about. They in fact are victims of those people like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and people at Fox who play on their fears to manipulate them to promote their and the ultra conservative right wing friends agendas. These people are duped into spouting catchphrases and nonsense that for the most part they do not understand or have any real knowledge about. Not everyone is as diligent as yourself in reading the health care bill for example. I also read the bill and also disagreed with much of it. I am however of the opinion that we need significantly more radical change than what we are left with . I think that in a country that is supposed to be the most advanced society on the planet that itscitizens should not have to worry that if they getsick thhat they will loose everything in order to get well. It is big corporations and in this case the insurance industry and medical complex that has run out of control. The republican party and right wing are the people who have supported on a consistent basis big corporations (which they many times are financially connected with) who then make the problems we have. Right now our government is broken and is in desperate need of overhaul. The government should not be thought of as a separate entity that controls us. Government is there to serve the people. People like to use government as a scapegoat for their own laziness, it is much easier to be mad at the government than to accept that you picked them. It is funny that when we had a complete moron in the white house and a bunch of corrupt criminals in congress the right wing complained when anyone pointed out facts that they were bad, but now they have lost control and they cannot seem to come up with much in the way of facts to indicate that the new administration is doing anything but trying to make things better. So they just manufacture falsehoods and create fear of things that are not real to rally their unquestioning masses. When tea party types for example are interviewed they never seem to be able to explain exactly what they are concerned about, they just spout foolish things that they heard someone on FOX say. If they are presented with facts they just blindly say they don't believe it. I am just really saddened that the discourse we see on TV etc is so infantile and unintelligent.

    And Hey always friends. IF you cant have a real honest conversational disagreement and still be friends then you probably weren't really friends in the first place. :)

  3. You are so fun to talk
    So, I re-read what you said. I agree, we need taxes. I like the police, firemen, roads & schools. I don't like paying for people who are plain lazy. I have worked since I graduated non-stop. If you want stuff, you should work. I know not everyone can, and I am okay with helping those who truly can not. Your comment about the FDA made me giggle a little. I am not the most fond of some of their about letting big corporations in on many former employees of the biggest, baddest powerhouse in the poisioning of our earth are involved with the FDA? More than a few...
    I guess I felt like a person in the middle after reading your post because I am not a stupid uneducated person and I am also not someone who thinks that the direction the government is headed good. That is me, stuck in the middle! :o)

  4. You are right the FDA might not have been the best example :)