Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day Against DRM

Digital Rights Management hurts everyone . When we purchase music, movies whatever we should be able to use it any way we want. DRM takes your freedom to use media the way you want away and is just generally a pain . I shouldnt have to ask some mega company for permission to put a song I purchased on more than one mp3 player or computer . The most confusing thing is that it is really all about quality and money. The record companies already take a piece of the profit from every audio and video tape sold so they dont care about that anymore . They are sooo worried that everyone will make digital copies and share them or worse (illegal and probably wrong) pirate them and make money that they cant get a piece of. They say "DRM keeps honest people honest" but really the only thing it really does it restrict honest people. People who pirate media just strip away the DRM anyway. Here are some links to celebrate the day. You can also whip out your sharpie and draw a line around those lame CDs with the weak copy protection that will be nostalgic.

DefectiveByDesign's list of anti-DRM actions



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