Saturday, September 16, 2006

WTF? Abc Family censored Wonka

I was watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this evening on ABC Family and something was missing. They completely removed the boat scene. What the hell is up with that? Too scary chicken decapitation issues who knows . The TV police just suck in general. The terrible edits and overdubs are really unnecessary and just plain wrong (remember the made up word scumbum in Smokey and the bandit. Perhaps we should put some clothes on paintings of nudes (yes that has been done as well). Really even when I was little I knew what they were really saying. That was bad enough but removing whole scenes that it really ridiculous. While I am going I also saw another really bad bit of censorship, I was watching Tom and Jerry with my 4 year old and every time the black lady ,who I always assumed was Tom's owner, came on the screen her voice had been overdubbed with some modern woman's voice replacing what I can only assume was considered racist or portraying black folks in a negative light. First, even if the voice of the character portrayed a stereotype or what the fuck ever it was from the 40s, damn. Maybe we should go ahead and remove all unflattering images, sounds, stereotypes or whatever from the past then we can all just be blissfully ignorant. Nevermind the big axe Tom tries to chop Jerry up with or the smashing on the head or the blowing each other up or getting run over or the,or the,or the,or the. If the cartoon or art or whatever is going to offend someone (the sponsor most likely) and that is a concern then just don't fucking show it. You know what is really offensive is the children's programming that condescends to kids or has characters that cant even speak properly (Elmo, rugrats, wonderpets) someone should censor that crap, damn give a kid some credit for not having a speech impediment or being able to think. Oh wait that's my job as a parent oh that's right I control what my kid sees not some corporate entity who isn't really interested in protecting or teaching kids but how much money they can make. OK , I got a little off track, what I wanted to say was , Damn that is some bullshit how ABC Family messed up Willy Wonka they shouldn't do that.

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