Saturday, January 28, 2006


I have been thinking this for some time now and tody was the last straw. What is the matter with TV designers ,you know the type the pretentious TLC designers . Now , not all of them just the ones that suck . Why cant they just talk normally ? There is nothing worse than these so called artists who think that need to make up words or just misuse them in order to seem artsy or something . One of the worst is when they repaint a table and use it as a desk or just use an old piece of furniture again in a different room and say they the are going to repurpose it . That's not even a real word! Then today this idiot set designer masquerading as an interior designer show a drawing of a cabinet and he says ." These doors open to visualize the shelves " ......... What the fuck is that you open the doors and there are shelves inside ! Yes I am Yelling! Maybe he could say that if you open the doors you can see the shelves but visualize . I wish I had a magic TV transporter so I could go inside the TV and scream at these people to their faces. My dad was an interior decorator for years ( that was before they made up the name interior designer because designing a room sounds so superior to just decorating ) He never repurposed anything . Ok so that's all I have to say about that . Actually I do love those shows maybe I just miss Paige.

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