Sunday, October 23, 2005

Windows Sucks

I am certain this is not breaking news to anyone but Windows sucks. It may be sort of my fault being I was messing with things Microsoft doesn't want you to ,but that doesn't make windows suck any less. I was going to use a different shell (Litestep) just for fun and it didn't work properly . This wouldn't be such a problem except I was working with nothing the shell didn't load at all and being I use WinME (why I do not know) and there is no option to go to command line at boot. I popped in a Knoppix Disk and edited the ini file so explorer would be the shell again but when I started windows up it is all 640x480 and no mouse at all . This is exactly the sort of thing I will never understand .I did nothing to anything that has anything to do with display or mouse . After slow and only sort of successful attempts at backing up my music ,photos etc. I began the search for a solution. Well I fought with this for a while reading numerous forum posts dug around the so called knowledge base and so on. Eventually I just went back to an older registry back up and everything was fine and then I experienced that which can only happen after computer frustration. Geek euphoria . I know, I didn't gain access to some secure database or break some new DRM but the feeling is similar on a lesser scale.
BTW Google is super.

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