Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Volkswagen People

I own a VW New Beetle . I was hesitant to buy one even though I like them (aside from the motor being at the wrong end) as they border on being one of those cars guys just cant drive. I found one that was lowered riding on big wheels with really dark tint so that made it OK . Anyway , I have always owned Volkswagens , my first car was a Karmann Ghia and it just went on from there numerous beetles ,busses and so on. There always was a camaraderie amongst VW owners . We would wave at each other talk at gas stations sort of the same thing as motorcycle people do. The sad thing I have noticed lately is that this apparently isn't the case with new generation VW owners (Water Pumpers) .I wave at other beetle owners and seldom even get a nod . So sad, maybe they just bought their VW like thinking it was just an ordinary car. I think VW needs to screen potential buyers or something .

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