Saturday, June 19, 2004

President Bush apparently has found that a lot of Americans think he is insane and wants to add to his constituency by proving that everyone else is too, with the additional perk of lining the pockets of his pals at Eli Lilly. They do deserve it after all they did give 1.6 m in political contributions, most of which went to the republican party and the Bush campaign. The plan is to screen the entire US population for mental illness and lots of people full of expensive drugs most happily manufactured by Eli Lilly. Bush's commission has recommended that the federal government adopt a model based on the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) a medication treatment plan that recommends Zyprexa as a first line antipsychotic drug for patients. Bush was governor of Texas when the plan was adopted, and Zyprexa coincidentally happens to be made Eli Lilly.Zyprexa is the drug company's top seller, grossing $4.28 billion dollars last year.

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