Tuesday, December 02, 2003

As I am getting a sore throat and have been moving staff around to cover for the sick ones at work I got to
thinking about socialized medicine and how our country doesn't and then I thought well, yes we do.The law here in the good old USA says that hospitals must treat people in emergency situations so if you are sick just go to the local ER and give them a bunch of fake info and voila free medical care . Now don't get too excited you are not going to get anything but the most basic action and you will probably not get help fur the flu or stuff like that .Or if you don't really have any assets you can give them the real info and just never pay if enough people fail to pay hospitals maybe the government will step in for a bail out I mean they helped the airlines why not the medical industry? just a thought . Or everyone could get off their asses and vote for a president and congress that are not imperialistic assholes and put some people with half a brain .I think we should elect someone who has struggled at some point in their life . Name one president who had at any point in his life or his families life that had to move money around take out a high interest loan or let the car insurance run out to make ends meet HA. I say if you make more than 40,000 a year you are not eligible for political service.

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