Sunday, May 25, 2003

Ok lets for a moment talk about something that no one seems to get upset about but me . This is memorial day weekend as such many law enforcement agencies find it a good time to hassle the public via seat belt checks cleverly marketed as" clickit or ticket " .Ok I agree that seat belts are a good idea and all but being that we live in what is called a free country I feel that if I want to choose to be an idiot and not wear a seat belt that is my business and not the job of the government to make sure I keep my self safe . The worst part is that our government really could care less about my safety what they really care about is keeping the insurance lobby and the industry it supports happy and what keeps them happy is not paying out any claims and keeping all the money we are forced to give them by the same government that made the seat belt and other annoying laws .Do you see a trend here? I find that any law that generally most laws that infringe on our rights or make not so much sense can be traced back via the money trail to the insurance industry. I will illustrate, first you have to carry insurance in order to drive a car ,even if you are extremely wealthy or have enough money to equal the amount of insurance you carry held in an account solely for that purpose you still have to carry insurance to get a liscence for your car . Second the most annoying laws are the ones that keep you from supposedly hurting yourself like seat belts ,helmets etc. .If I fly out the front window of my car of slam into the steering wheel I really am not hurting anyone but myself am I not permitted in this "free" country to be an idiot no ,why, because I might cost the insurance industry some of the money I pay them .The thing other than my freedom ,hurt by me bashing my head into the pavement as I crash my motorcycle is the insurance company that covers my health insurance. Why do you suppose the government cares about the insurance industries bank account, well that is where all the extra lobbyist money that goes right into their campaign fund or in their pockets for the more shady politician . So really our rights are determined not by a majority of the people but by a few wealthy groups who want nothing but to become wealthier. Keep in mind I cant really prove any of this its just what I think.

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