Wednesday, November 25, 2009

VW Generator Nut

You know what sucks ...Cars do. one nut breaks ,out with the engine tap the hole then back in with the engine but not so quick the car has to be jacked up lowered jacked up again slide a bunch of wood and bricks under the engine ...OH! it doesnt want to go in oh nice it is raining, oh wait it is in, now contort the hands, arms, body to reach the nuts,bolts,fuel line, throttle cable, heater cables and hoses. jack car back up fight with the exhaust prying into place with random pieces of wood, strain to hold pipe while installing clamp with other hand while also holding wrenches and ratchet. put the carb back on plug in all the wires and fuel lines, install engine tin slashing a plug wire in the process, fix plug wire, install generator belt ......wait where is the nut ... look all over for nut, hey look vintage bus parts...never find nut in garage or at hardware stor or at two auto parts stores, look for nut all over garage ,find all sorts of interesting things none of which is a VW generator pulley nut, clean up tools ,well slam tools around in garage, turn out light go inside take bath and stew about the holiday tomorrow preventing access to stores with M12 1.5 nut......

Profanity removed for sensitive eyes

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