Friday, August 21, 2009

While reading about Dutch Bicycle Culture at Willothewisp Blog, I came across this bit about Bike Helmets (and Lycra)... Awesome, really just the best.

I hate bike helmets as they are truly worthless ,really just a way for a few companies to make some cash. Pretty much all the safety legislation that causes helmet laws around the world originates from helmet manufacturers. Most all the research shows that helmets on cyclists are pretty much worthless ans some indicates that they may actually do more harm than good by transforming direct impact to rotational impact ,which is much more traumatic. Anyway, Here is the most excellent commentary from Holland.

This is extremely important; do NOT wear a helmet. Three types of people wear a helmet on a bike in Holland;

1. The English.
2. North Americans.
3. The mentally afflicted.

The English and Americans wear helmets because in their worlds common sense no longer rules and people must be safe from their own actions at all times. Also it is a well known fact that when Americans fall off a bike they fall on their heads, why this should be we do not know. God gave us each an ass, in fact he appears to have given many Americans more than one ass each and yet they do not use them, you have to wonder why. On the rare occasion a Dutchman comes off their bike we fall on our well padded behinds (and it’s ALWAYS the fault of a German motorist).

The only time you need to wear lycra when riding a bicycle is when you are a speed rider at a velodrome or riding in the Tour de France, there is not any other occasion when lycra and bicycles should be mixed together.

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  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I have a friend who rides tour bikes, One day he was riding passed an off ramp for a major Highway, and of course someone oblivious to his or her surroundings actually ran into my friend... He flew off his bike hitting his head on the pavement. The force of the accident cracked his helmet in half ( not his skull). No doubt I believe bicyclists riding on the road should wear helmets; however, I agree with you when it comes to the average joe riding on the sidewalk or in in the park.